Since my return to Bournemouth I keep being asked why I’m not taking celebration cake orders anymore. The fact is I just don’t have the facilities since giving up the shop and it’s like starting all over again, so my apologies and sorry I can’t help with those cake orders!

Cooking from one little oven after being used to two double ovens is a nightmare and going from a professional set-up with large mixers, fridges and worktops to spread everything over is just not the same. It would seem like going in full circle from where I started. I also don’t miss the very long days and nights staying up late finishing a cake.  I remember still icing cakes at Midnight when passers-by were coming home from the pub or restaurants and peering in at me through the shop window thinking I must be mad!

I still take a few wedding cake commissions and offer my alternative wedding cakes  but I am exploring new ventures. I have trained as a Nail Technician (love all those pretty polish bottles) and Massage Therapist, and expanding my interest in health & well being.  The site if you are interested is It would be great to have you join me there! 

My diet used to consist of cake for breakfast, lunch & dinner, but I am trying to stick to healthier choices now!  On reaching ‘middle age’ I realise I need to take more care of myself!!