Thermomix ‘Convert’


I recently stumbled across this genuinely genius kitchen appliance which is making me a ‘Domestic Goddess’ in the kitchen!

I must admit I was sceptical at first as it is an investment machine but what it saves in time, energy and all that washing up is well worth it!  With 12 different appliances combined into one unique machine it is space saving, compact and truly versatile, from soups to sorbets, cakes, cordon bleu meals, pizza, bread, gluten free bread & anything else that takes my fancy.

I find I am creating more healthy meals as ingredients I’m using are fresh & I’m exploring new recipes, that to be honest I would never have bothered with, thinking them far too complicated and time consuming!  

I love it so much that I have joined the company that makes this food processor as a Thermomix Advisor to help spread the word and demonstrate to others just how it works and the benefits of it.

If you would like a demo in your own home (just to see for yourself) then I can pop along and show you, invite 3 or more friends & earn a Hostess Gift, or I will be having open workshops at my place which you can attend, keep an eye out for those on my website.

Looking forward to trying out the fudge recipes next!