Under my recipe section you can find some of my favourite cake recipes which work well as celebration or wedding cakes, finished in various mediums like sugarpaste/icing, chocolate, cream cheese, ganache and buttercream.

It is a good idea to gradually build up your cake decorating equipment and you will find there are lots of products out there which do the same job. Invest wisely as you want the tools to last a long time so go for quality when you can and shop around for the best deals.

There are lots of online Cake Equipment suppliers, local outlets and even supermarkets, test out their products before you invest too much of your money as they will vary. ¬†You will have spent many hours creating your ‘work of art’ so you want it to taste good, look good and also withhold it’s design in warm or cold weather……if you are using a cheap sticky sugarpaste then you may end up with a disaster cake!